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Brian's Bio:

Growing up in DuPage County, Brian graduated from local Benedictine College with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. He went on to obtain his JD from the John Marshall Law School and eventually added an LLM degree before opening up his own law practice in Downers Grove, where he continues to work today.

Inspired by the community he was raised in, he dedicated much of his adult life to public service. In 1999 he was elected Mayor of Downers Grove, where he went on to accomplish various important initiatives such as redeveloping downtown Downers Grove and constructing the Belmont Avenue underpass to minimize traffic affected by freight or commuter trains.


Brian joined the county board in 2010. As part of the board, Brian chairs the Animal Service Committee and sits on the Environmental Committee, Judicial Public Safety Committee, Economic Development Committee, Public Works Committee, and Finance Committee.


Since joining the DuPage County Board, Brian helped relocate a large corporation to DuPage County, which now brings in over $600,000 sales tax revenue to the county every. Additionally, Brian's Animal Service Committee improved their live animal release rate from 50% to 88% since he became involved.

Most recently, Brian worked collaboratively with local leaders and County Board Members to secure over $1.5 million dollars for the county to fund free internet services to low-income students living in DuPage so that they may successfully complete remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Outside of public office, Brian is involved in the Downers Grove Rotary Club, he serves as a Downers Grove Township Precinct Committeeman and is a board member of the Education Foundation of Downers Grove District 58.